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We assist with tourist visas, relatives and spousal visas, all work-related visas, study visas, business visas (business owners) and retirement visas. We equally offer these services for all permanent residency categories as well as Appeals and Waivers.

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  • I am not married to my South African partner. Does that mean I can not apply for a Spousal visa?
    You may apply for a Spousal visa if you and your partner have been residing together for at least two (2) years and are able to prove cohabitation as well as shared financial responsibilities. You would be required to submit a notarial agreement and a Spousal Affidavit too.
  • My occupation is listed on the current Critical Skills list. Can I apply for my critical skills work visa without a job offer?
    No. Unfortunately you are no longer able to apply for a 12-month job seeker critical skills visa.
  • Our baby was born in South Africa and we are on long-term visas. Does that mean our baby is a South African citizen?
    No. Your baby must apply for an accompanying visa to reside with you in South Africa. Foreign nationals born in South Africa does not become automatic citizens at birth.
  • What is the validity of the police clearance certificate, medical certificate and radiological report?
    Police Clearance Certificates, medical certificates and radiological reports must not be older than six (6) months on day of submission of visa application.
  • As an employer, what are my obligations when a foreign employee leaves his or her employment?
    As per undertaking, you will be required to notify the Department of Home Affairs in writing that the foreign employee left your employment. Although there is no timeline stipulated to submit this notification, you have a right to submit this notification as early as one day after termination.
  • Me and my spouse are no longer in a relationship or marriage. Must we notify Home Affairs of this?
    Yes, the South African citizen is required to notify the Department of Home Affairs if the good faith spousal relationship no longer exists.
  • I am 45 years old and wish to apply for a retired visa. May I do so?
    It depends. Although there is no age restriction for this visa category, certain South African missions abroad only accept retired visa applications if the applicants are retirement age. Other South African missions are more lenient and as long as the applicants are legally compliant, will accept these visa applications.
  • My child is 8 years old and has not been accepted at any school in South Africa yet. I intend on applying for a work visa for South Africa.
    Your child may apply for an accompanying visa and is able to change to a study visa within South Africa once provisionally accepted. Your child must comply with the Act and Regulations in order to obtain a study visa for the chosen school which is registered with the relevant Department of Education.
  • What is the current investment amount in order to apply for a business visa (for business owners)?
    The current required investment amount is a minimum of ZAR 5 million available to be invested into the business. If you do not have this amount available and your business is listed as a Desirable Business, you may apply for a reduction or waiver as part of the business visa process.
  • I wish to extend my tourist visa for a further 60 days. Is that possible?
    You may apply to extend your tourist visa for a maximum period of 90 days at your nearest VFS office. Your departure flight and duration of stay needs to align with your departure date too.

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