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Moving South Visa immigration

Welcome to Moving South Immigration

Offering customized immigration solutions to individuals, businesses, and applicants pursuing business, tourist, or critical skills visas in South Africa.

Who We Are

Moving South Immigration specializes in providing personalized immigration services for private individuals, corporate companies, and those seeking various visas such as business, tourist, and critical skills visas in South Africa. With over 14 years of experience in visa immigration, our firm offers tailor-made solutions to ensure a seamless immigration journey for applicants and their families.


Our extensive focus on international markets positions us as the preferred partner for your immigration needs, and our integrity serves as the cornerstone of our brand.

Moving South Immigration Director, Sue-Allan Mehl

Meet Sue, your immigration specialist

Sue-Allan Mehl began her career as a school secretary in Ceres, later transitioning to Cape Town at 22. Leveraging her administrative background, she worked in various personnel agencies. Her journey into the immigration sector commenced as the receptionist at IBN Immigration Solutions. Intrigued by the field, she joined the Immigration team in 2008, fueled by her passion for aiding others.


Noteworthy dedication and expertise propelled her to Head of Immigration in 2010, where she focused on assisting multi-nationals and corporate firms with their South African visa immigration needs. She also became a registered Immigration Practitioner and FIPSA member in 2016.


After a 16-year tenure at IBN Immigration Solutions, Sue-Allan briefly joined the Xpatweb team in May 2021 for seven months.


In February 2022, this affable and driven individual founded Moving South Immigration, aiming to facilitate seamless immigration journeys for those relocating to South Africa.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Sue-Allan cherishes spending quality time with her husband, two daughters, and dog at home.

Our Services

"Our in-depth focus on international markets makes us the preferred partner for your immigration needs"

What our clients are saying

Moving South Immigration is definitely a HIGHLY recommended South African Immigration company, the best!

 A big applause and very grateful to Sue-Allan Mehl for her efforts and assistance with our visa application (family of 4). She is truly knowledgeable, and skilled and has empathy throughout the process. No doubt, the company’s success and the recommendations of her clients speak for themselves. Please continue to guide, support, and help other aspiring people (South Africa's dream) like us. God bless you more and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I proudly say that I’m now a permanent resident of South Africa. I recommend Moving South Immigration.


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