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Why are intra company transfers so important for South Africa?

International assignments between countries are extremely beneficial and for South Africa it is no different.

Scarce skills, which cannot be found readily available in South Africa, are often needed and companies often seek these skills outside of our borders.

One option would be to seek these skills within a branch, subsidiary or affiliated company which shares a relationship with the South African entity. In the event that these skills are found in possession of an individual who is employed with the 'sending' entity abroad for at least six (6) months, both companies may look at applying for an intra company transfer work visa.

The benefit of an intra company transfer is that the South African company can have their staff members trained for the duration of the foreign employees' assignment. The idea of the transfer of skills segment is that the nominated staff member/s take over the role once the assignee departs from South Africa - retaining the skills within the Republic. It is important, though, that the skills training be imparted to a South African citizen or permanent residence holder.

The South African company may request an intra company transfer work visa for a maximum period of four (4) years, leaving sufficient training time for the staff member/s, but also supervision to ensure all training components have been met.

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