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SAQA certificates - when are these required

Applicants who obtained their qualifications abroad and who wish to apply for a critical skills work visa or a general work visa for South Africa, need to have these qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The purpose of SAQA is to evaluate the qualifications to the nearest South African NQF level.

The SAQA certificate is a requirement for these two visa applications. Whilst you may ask the Department of Home Affairs to waive this requirement for a general work visa application, it remains a compulsory requirement for a critical skills work visa application.

Furthermore, we wish to advise holders of older SAQA certificates to pay close attention to the serial number as this number is listed on three (3) sections of the certificate - top right, bottom left as well as bottom right. The serial number listed bottom right of the SAQA certificate is issued in a different, dotted format and we urge applicants to submit, clear colour certified copies of this document ensuring legibility of same when they lodge visa applications within South Africa. Illegibility of this dotted serial number may cause rejection of the visa application (yes, we know it's quite difficult to comprehend this).

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