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Reasons to withdraw Permanent Residence Permits

It is ALWAYS important to check the conditions of your permanent residence once you have been issued with same.

You may not know this, but there are four (4) reasons why your permanent residence permit can and may be withdrawn by the Department of Home Affairs.

1. Conviction for a crime committed:

If you have been convicted of any offence listed in Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 as well as other offences listed in the Immigration Act, you will lose your permanent residence. Needless to say - don't commit any crimes :)

2. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the permit:

Permanent residence in South Africa always comes with terms and conditions. Therefore, it is important to check these conditions which are stipulated on the actual permanent residence certificate. Ultimately, you will be held solely responsible for the conditions of the permit and will be advised of this by the authorities.

3. Absenteeism from South Africa:

If you have been outside of South Africa for three (3) continuous years and longer, your permanent residence would have lapsed. There are certain exemptions, though, that will be taken into consideration when it comes to your absenteeism from the Republic.

4. Taking up residence in South Africa after issuance of permanent residence:

If you have not taken up residence in South Africa within one (1) year of the issuance of the permit, your permanent residence would have lapsed. The maximum entry date will be stipulated on the certificate.


Always check to ensure you remain compliant with the terms and conditions of your permanent residence. If it lapses, you will be required to apply for residency all over again!

If unsure about the conditions of your permanent residence, please reach out to us via our Contact Form on Alternatively, we are available on +2773 5357 534 or


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