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Permanent Residence based on South African Relative

If you are the foreign relative of a South African citizen or Permanent Residence holder within the first step of kinship, you may look at the option of applying for permanent residence.

The following relatives would qualify for first step of kinship in terms of the Immigration Act:

  • Biological or legally adoptive parents

  • Biological or legally adoptive minor or major child

  • Spouses if married for five (5) years and longer or in a life partnership for five (5) years and longer

Proof of kinship:

Kinship must be proven by means of a birth certificate, adoption papers or marriage certificate. Life partners need to submit proof of life partnership of five (5) years and longer.

The South African citizen or Permanent Residence holder must provide proof of the prescribed R8 500 per month and must also give written assurance thereof, save the case if the South African citizen or Permanent residence holder is a minor child. In the latter case, we recommend financial support to be shown by the adult applicant and caution that Home Affairs might request a paternity test to be done.

For more information on permanent residence based on a relative, please contact us via our Contact Form on Alternatively, you may reach us on +2773 5357 534 or

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