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Home Affairs rejections on expiring professional body memberships

Pattern of rejections -

We have started to notice a pattern or trend on the Department of Home Affairs rejecting critical skills work visa applications for reasons that the professional body memberships are nearing expiry or that the applicant failed to submit proof of renewal - this after the application has been pending for several months from date of submission.

Whilst we usually refrain from making public statements about the adjudication process of Home Affairs, we must admit that this one has us absolutely flabbergasted.

Recommendation -

For those individuals yet to submit their critical skills work visa applications, we suggest adding an undertaking or confirmation letter that you will renew your professional body membership when it is due for renewal. We understand that this is not an ideal request or situation, but sincerely hope applicants will find this a comforting add-on to the paperwork.

For more information about the critical skills work visa process, you may reach out to us via our Contact Form on www.movingsouthimmigration.com. Alternatively, we can be contacted on +2773 5357 534 or sue@movingsouthimmigration.com


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