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Home Affairs extends blanket waiver for six (6) months

The Department of Home Affairs, once again, extended its blanket waiver to applicants who are currently awaiting their outcomes of submitted visa and waiver applications. It has come as a surprise, though, that the blanket waiver is extended for a further six (6) months as opposed to the usual three (3) months.

These individuals are now covered until 31 March 2023. This further means applicants may travel, if required, from South Africa between now until 31 March 2023 on expired visas without being declared undesirable. They will be required, however, to present their original VFS receipt upon their departure from and entry into South Africa. Visa exempt nationals may simply enter South Africa again on their usual 30-90 day visas to collect the outcomes of their visa applications. Unfortunately, nationals from visa-restricted countries must apply for and obtain a port of entry visa in order to be re-admitted into South Africa.

It is important to note that this blanket waiver ONLY covers applicants who submitted their visa and waiver applications within South Africa and who have been legally admitted into the country.

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