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South African passport and travel document fees to increase on 01 November 2022

On 06 October 2022, the Department of Home Affairs Gazetted the decision to increase the application fee of South African passports as well as travel documents, effective 01 November 2022.

The new fee took quite a hefty jump, in fact, South Africans can now expect to pay double the fee from November 2022. The new fees are as follows and note the places of application-

Passports and travel documents within South Africa:

  • Adult passport of 32 pages - R600

  • Adult passport of 48 pages (maxi) - R1 200

  • Child passport - R600

  • Official passport - R600

  • Diplomatic passport - R600

  • Re-application with old maxi passport - R1 200

  • Document for travel purposes - R600

  • Crew member certificate - R600

Passport and travel documents at SA missions abroad:

  • Adult passport of 32 pages - R1 200

  • Adult passport of 48 pages (maxi) - R2 400

  • Child passport - R1 200

  • Emergency travel certificate - R140

Very important:

If you are applying for a replacement of a lost, stolen, child passport, damaged passport, emergency passport, temporary passport or crew member certificate for travel purposes, the fee shall be doubled, provided that in instances where the documents referred to was lost, stolen or damaged through no negligence on the passport of the applicant. If no negligence was involved, the normal fee will apply.


It is advised that applicants apply for their new South African passports, if possible, before 01 November 2022.


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