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Reminders when applying for a South African visa

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

There are many things applicants are not aware of when applying for a South African visa. Below is a brief overview of important laws to keep in mind -

  • Police clearance certificates must be submitted from every country where you resided for 12 months and longer since your eighteenth birthday;

  • Police clearances, medical certificates and radiological reports must be submitted in original form and must not be older than six (6) months on the day that you submit your visa application;

  • If submitting in South Africa, you need to show proof of a legal entry into South Africa;

  • If any personal document is not in English, it must be translated, by a sworn translator in one of the official South African languages. However, the first preference of sworn translation is always English;

  • One cannot change from a tourist visa or medical treatment visa to another visa within South Africa, unless exceptional circumstances to do so, exist;

  • If you travelled to or through a yellow fever area, you will be required to submit a yellow fever certificate. South Africa is not a yellow fever area.

  • You may not apply for a South African visa with a handwritten passport;

  • Your passport must have at least two (2) blank pages for endorsement of visas and must have a validity of no less than thirty (30) days after intended departure from the Republic.

  • If you submit certified copies of documents, the certification must not be older than three (3) months;

  • Application forms must always be signed in original and in black ink; and

  • Expect to submit your visa application in person, unless otherwise stipulated by a South African mission. South African submissions must always be done in person.

The above points are just but a brief overview of what applicants must keep in mind when applying for their respective visas.

If you are unsure about your paperwork or which law to follow, please contact us via our Contact Form on Alternatively, we can be reached on +2773 5357 534 or

We look forward to being of assistance.


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