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No Study visa - No studies allowed

Updated: Aug 26

By law, a foreign national, intending to study in South Africa, needs to apply for and obtain a study visa in order to do so.

Study visas can be obtained for primary school (usually aged 7 up), high school as well as tertiary institutions. It is compulsory that these schools and tertiary institutions be registered with the Departments of Basic, Higher and Tertiary Education, unless these are private institutions.

Some of the quintessential documents needed to be submitted with a study visa application are -

  • a provisional acceptance letter from the institution with the relevant undertakings

  • proof of registration with the relevant Department of Education

  • proof of medical insurance for South Africa

It is also important to note that study visa holders for a tertiary institution may conduct work related activities for 20 hours per week and for this purpose we recommend that a logbook be kept by the employer.

You may not attend schooling or classes at the institution if the study visa is not granted yet.

Speak to us regarding your study visa application and the compliance thereof. We can be reached on www.movingsouthimmigration.com. Alternatively, you can reach us on +2773 5357 534 or sue@movingsouthimmigration.com


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