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Medical treatment visas - when is treatment in SA needed?

A medical treatment visa may be issued to a foreign national who needs to receive urgent medical treatment in South Africa, which is not accessible in his or her home country.

Some of the quintessential documents for a medical treatment visa are -

  • Original passport with at least two (2) blank pages and a validity of no less than 30 days after departure from South Africa

  • A valid return air flight ticket or proof of reservation thereof

  • Bank statements, in the applicants’ name for the last 3 months

  • A yellow fever vaccination certificate if that person travelled or intends travelling from or transiting through a yellow fever area, if applicable

  • A letter from the registered medical practitioner or medical institution in South Africa, confirming –

- That space is available at the medical institution;

- The estimated costs of the medical treatment;

- Whether or not the disease is treatable and curable;

- The treatment schedule; and

- The period of intended treatment in South Africa

  • Details and confirmation of the person responsible for the medical expenses and hospital fees. In the event of the applicant’s medical scheme, proof of financial means to cover the medical costs must be submitted

  • Particulars of the person accompanying the applicant

Important Note:

In the event of needing lifesaving medical treatment for longer than 90 days (or three months), this applicant falls under the exceptional circumstances where you can change from a tourist visa to a medical treatment visa within South Africa.

Should you require any further information regarding the medical treatment visa, you may contact us via our Contact Form on Alternatively, you may contact us on +2773 5357 534 or


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