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  • Writer's pictureSue-Allan Mehl

South Africa - where to from here?

It took a bit of time for me to write this post as I wanted to pen down exactly what comes from the heart.

As South Africa is currently experiencing one of its biggest energy and immigration crises to date, I often wonder - is it worth remaining in this industry? I also often find myself putting on my South African armour on defending my beautiful country.

So - is it worth it to still continue my immigration journey? Absolutely!! South Africa has so much to offer - both discovered and undiscovered. We don't just have exquisite landscapes, we have some of the best universities, employers, cultures, communities, policies, food, you name it.

Call me patriotic, but I love my country. I love its uniqueness. I love representing what I believe in. I love how certain aspects of my country evolved into some of the biggest things and names globally. I love how we are exploring and finding. I love our struggles. I love the rainbow in this nation.

Despite the challenges we face every day - Today, I am proud to be called South African.

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